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HMGF process for bent, complex component geometries with tool-integrated conductive heating |


The HMGF technology (Hot Metal Gas Forming) offers a high potential for an efficient and cost-effective press hardening process for closed profiles. By using new material grades, both for components and tools, high strengths of up to 2000 MPa can be achieved for the products formed with this method.

The tool-integrated, conductive heating of the preformed initial profile enables a short cycle time, which leads to repeatable product properties.

Bent, complex component geometries can be produced with high, local degrees of forming, as they occur, for example, in rectangular cross-sections.

DOI: 10.3390/met10081104: Bach, M.; Degenkolb, L.; Reuther, F.; Psyk, V.; Demuth, R.; Werner, M. Conductive Heating during Press Hardening by Hot Metal Gas Forming for Curved Complex Part Geometries. Metals 2020, 10, 1104.























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