Mission Statement Younited

archieving_more_together - Employees Saltgitter
archieving_more_together - Employees Saltgitter
archieving_more_together - Employees Saltgitter
archieving more together YOUNITED
archieving_more_together - Employees Saltgitter
archieving_more_together - Employees Saltgitter
archieving_more_together - Employees Saltgitter


Mission Statement from Salzgitter AG

The daily work of our employees and managers is defined by many different requirements. Mastering these challenges in the best possible way is what we want to do – with motivation, determination to achieve, creativity and a continual willingness to embrace change.

YOUNITED – the mission statement of Salzgitter AG – orients us in our daily work and helps us make the right decisions with understanding.
YOUNITED defines our self-image – who we want to be, what we stand for, what we want to achieve and how, and how others see us.

Our employees are key to our success. We are very aware of this! Success as a team is also the success of each individual.
This is expressed through YOUNITED   mission_statement_brochure.pdf, 2,61 MB.

The three pillars of our mission statement:
OUR GOALS describe the long-term strategic alignment.
OUR PATHS show the concrete approaches we follow to achieve our goals.
OUR VALUES form the foundation of our thoughts and action as a company.

This is what sets us apart

Our values

Values are important, often underestimated factors that considerably influence the stability of a community. They establish security in our daily interaction with one another and serve as an orientation in our frequently eventful everyday business lives.

Particularly for us as a company that operates internationally, with a diverse portfolio of products and services, the establishment of a shared catalog of values is of fundamental importance. This catalog of values has been defined in collaboration with employees from all of the group companies and from all levels of the corporate hierarchy. And as self-evident as our values may sound, practicing them in our everyday lives should become second nature.

Hexagon with the value Customer orientation
Customer orientation

Our customers and their needs are our first priority.

Hexagon with the value Sustainability

We accept our responsibility towards society and take a long-term view in the pursuit of our goals.

Hexagon with the value Innovation

We create scope for new ideas, allow controversial discussions and have the courage to tread new paths.

Hexagon with the value Group-wide cooperation
Group-wide cooperation

We know who we are and take pride in our capabilities. We regard our diversity as our strength. As part of the Salzgitter Group, we constitute a community of success.

Our first-choice products are the ones we manufacture ourselves.
Everything we do is geared towards the Group’s success.

Hexagon with the value Fairness und partnerschaftliches Miteinander
Fairness and a spirit of partnership

We cultivate an open-minded and appreciative approach to our interpersonal behavior. Divergent opinions are considered carefully in the best interests of the company and its partners.

We place our trust in the abilities of others and treat them with respect. The full and frank discussion of problems and conflicts enables us to learn from one another.

Hexagon with the value Reliability

We keep our promises.
We take responsibility for our actions.
We treat each other respectfully and honestly.

All einzellnen values give a lodestar
Lodestar Salzgitter AG