Hydroformed products

Hydroformed products are used and appreciated in many industrial sectors.
Following you will find an overview about the various possibilities this manufacturing method offers:


Fascinating and various

Extreme degrees of deformation

By means of multiple step forming operations and a special process control very high degrees of deformation are achievable. Restrictions in terms of geometrical undercuts can often be avoided compared to sheet metal forming.

High stiffness and great performance in light weight construction

By a maximum utilization of available spaces and variable cross sections a stress appropriate design of components can be achieved. Hence, the stiffness of parts can be optimized.

Exciting design possibilities

Since flexible cross sections are producible and a great creative freedom is given, hydroforming is perfectly suitable for pure design parts as well as for components that need to fulfil functional and design aspects at the same time.

Product example

In addition to an extraordinary repeating accuracy also spring back effects are better manageable compared to sheet metal forming, e.g. for high strength steel and aluminium grades. By implementing reference holes directly into the hydroforming tool/ process, a precise positioning of the parts for subsequent operations can be guaranteed.

Outstanding strength properties

A very homogeneous distribution of stretching through the whole part enables an optimal usage of the materials work hardening potential, e.g. for absorbing loads during crash. The dynamic resistance is especially high because the shapes are naturally flowing, free of notches and joining areas.

Product examples

Tight bends
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Exhaust components
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Heat exchanger tubes
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